Coding. Born Again.


The true reason I made KhanHub was because I knew Khan Academy's Coding Platform to be very limited in functionality. The first one I made was okay, but full of bugs and problems that limited users' abilities to to as much as they wanted. Now, I have made the second version. I hope you all enjoy.



Oh Noes won't bother you when you are coding. Have the time of your life when you are coding live websites. One thing bad about him not being there? You aren't notified of errors.


Keep your cool while coding with an in-browser preview as well as a live preview. You can also deploy your live websites for others to see.


Customize your coding experience with different coding themes while still coding in a simillarly Khan Academy editor.

Differences from Version One


User Guide

Using the Editor

The editor is very simple to the Khan Academy editor. To check it out, start by creating a project in the Projects section. You can change the theme to any theme you want.

Deploying your site to Khan Academy

When you have finished making your project, click the Deploy button and follow the instructions on how to deploy it. Paste all the code into a Webpage. Not a PJS program. Your website will still be shown as a live website.

How do I view my program as a live website?

When you want to, press the Live Preview button to see it. As you code, the live website will be updated almost as fast as you can code.

Why can't I make more than five projects?

Evan Lewis said that it is okay to use local storage and that large ammounts of data could not be stored. That's why you can't have any more than five projects.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Have fun.


Huge thanks to Steffan (@Steffan153) for sharing a tip with me for the preview and live preview. I could not have done it without him.
Another Huge thanks goes to BLOBFISH (@BL0BF1SH) for finding out how to implement code editors. If he didn't show anyone, I wouldn't have ever made Khanhub.
Thanks to pamela for creating the Processing template in a webpage. That is why you can now use PJS on KhanHub.

All of the other code is owned and created by me. I hope you enjoy my greatest project so far. All of the users I listed above can be found here